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Embarcadero MVP Cary Jensen Teaches You How To Build Blazingly Fast Database Apps With FireDAC

Watch FireDAC guru Cary Jensen for this information-packed presentation that shows you how to build world-class database applications using FireDAC. If you are a database developer using RAD Studio, this is one presentation that you cannot miss.


  • Review of the RAD Studio data access and the TDataSet interface
  • Overview of FireDAC and its capabilities
  • FireDAC and configuration
  • FireDAC indexes
  • Basic navigation and editing
  • The SQL preprocessor
  • Array DML
  • Caches updates
  • Local SQL

TDataSet Interface has been around since Delphi was originally shipped and in the first version of Delphi that was supported by the Borland database engine. And in the Borland database engine, you had the concept of a user was TSession component, then you had the concept of a database and that database would point to a specific directory where your files were stored and through that transactions supported. Next, you had the DataSets which refers to Queries, Tables, Views, or Stored Procedure Calls. Finally, each data set which consists of 0 or more rows has individual T field instances that represent the columns. 

Be sure to check out the whole session to learn more about the TDataSet Interface and FireDAC!

Learn more about FireDAC!

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