Powerful Multi-sensor Imaging Tool For Processing And Analyzing Hyperspectral Images Built In Delphi

ImageLab is a native Windows-based multi-sensor imaging tool for processing and analyzing hyperspectral images built in Delphi. It targets research in science and technology where spectrally resolved images are utilized. According to the developer “ImageLab provides multi-sensor support for hyperspectral imaging. This enables researchers to extract information from spectrally resolved images…
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CodeDelphiRAD Studio

Quickly Learn How To Optimize Your Delphi Apps With ProDelphi In This CodeRage Replay

ProDelphi measures the runtime of Delphi programs. If a program is too slow, ProDelphi gives the necessary information to optimize it. The principle ofsource code instrumenting, a sophisticated correction algorithm and the uniquegranularity of 1 CPU cycleguarantee toget correct measurement results.Other profilers only have a granularity of 1 ms or…
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