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Easily Customize Your Delphi VCL Application With Dark And Light Themes According to Windows Mode

Many times we need to override windows default settings or customize our application by code, irrespective of user settings in windows for better user experience. Your application has been built with options to apply certain themes and the user also has the flexibility to change Windows themes for entire windows/apps. In this case, your application user experience should not be affected by user…
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Quickly Evaluate A Python Expression In Delphi Using Python4Delphi Sample App

Want to know how to evaluate a Python Expression in Delphi using Python4Delphi? PythonforDelphi(P4D) is a set of free components that wrap up the Python DLL into Delphi and C++Builder. They let you easily execute Python scripts, create new Python modules and new Python types. This post will guide you on how to use these components, create a VCL application, run a simple python…
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