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C++ Language Conversation With Bjarne Stroustrup and David Intersimone

C++ is getting many new features and improved code hygiene, which improves your code compile time. In this webinar, you can watch and listen to the conversation with Bjarne Stroustrup and David Intersimone. 


  • C++17 Current Standard
  • C++20

According to Bjarne Stroustrup, C++ is not a simple language, but you can write code simply and that compiles faster once it is done. 

Bjarne Stroustrup has written a paper in 1981 saying you need generic programming, and he conjectured that macros was the way to get it. Actually, he was right about the problem. Now, today it has been solved. 

C++ Core Guidelines

The most interesting view in this session is that Bjarne Stroustrup, saying you can not just simplify the programming language: C++. People want more simple stuff and they say add this and that features and do not break my code. So, the better way is to have good coding guidelines, better teaching, tool support like the static analysis.

Be sure to watch the session to learn more about C++ history and its near future!

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