Blastoff Game Created With Open Source DirectX Engine Built In Delphi

Quad Engine is an open source DirectX game engine built in Delphi which also offers bindings for C++ and C#. Blast-off is a showcase game built in the quad Engine and available on Stream. It is described as “Blast-off is a hardcore jumper/runner/shmup, where your alter ego will be a ball of anti-matter seeking to leave our Universe. Anti-matter is extremely difficult to exist in our…
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Learn C++ Event Handling In 5 Minutes

In this short tutorial, C++ Product Manager, David Millington, explains what event handlers are and how to use them in your C++ application development. Overview The event is that something happens, such as a button being clickedEvent handler – a…
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Learn About Using IBM Watson And The Power Of AI In Delphi And C++Builder

Take your Delphi and C++Builder projects to the next level using the IBM Watson REST API, a collaborative environment with AI tools that you can use to deploy machine learning models and training data. In this webinar, you can learn how to use IBM Watson APIs to make AI applications with your Delphi or C++ Builder applications. Overview of this session: Delphi & C++ Builder…
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