Flexible VCL Style Utils Library Made It Easy To Modernize The Dev-C++ Dialogs With VCL Styles In Delphi

VCL Styles Utils is an open source Delphi library for extending VCL styles into the platform native dialogs of Windows. It also has features for styling shell dialogs, popup menus, and even parts of TWebBrowser. Dev-C++ is a fast, portable, simple, and free native Windows C/C++ IDE and has been downloaded over 67,796,885 times since 2000. The original Dev-C++ and Orwell Dev-C++ were built in…
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Awesome Pascal Is A Curated List Of Awesome Open Source Delphi Pascal Frameworks, Libraries, Resources, And More

Developer Anton Frost has a curated listed of Awesome Delphi projects available over on GitHub. It offers a wide variety of projects across multimedia, game development, GUI, scripting, database, reporting, utilities, serial ports, memory management, and much more. Take A Look Awesome DelphiGeneral LibrariesMultimediaAudioVideoGraphicGame devCommunicationsNetworkSerial portGUIControl…
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Start Developing Fast Native Windows Applications With Delphi VCL

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Delphi VCL application from the ground. What can you learn from this tutorial: Three common componentsExplanation of Object Pascal source codeDebuggerHow to change Target Platform (32 or 64 bit)Adding a watchlist Where to learn more about the Visual Component Library? VCL ArchitectureVCL ComponentsWorking with ComponentsIntroduction…
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Powerful Serial Communication Protocol Suite For Delphi/C++ Builder Application On Windows

Serial Communications is a core communication between PC and peripheral devices Such as a programmable instrument or another computer. Do you feel challenged or tired in writing code to communicate with serial devices from your Delphi/C++ applications? How about Siemens protocols such as 3964 and 3964R? Don’t worry, WINSOFT offers us easy and robust components to do the job…
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