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Incredibly Powerful Native Image Processing Library For Delphi And C++Builder Developers


At this current state, with Delphi, there are lots of possibilities to accomplish anything you want. Because with the power of the Delphi community we have a powerful Python for Delphi component which can be a bridge to utilize open-source big tech companies supported and funded libraries out there. For instance, you can use the Scikit-image library or the Mahotas, which allows you to work with 3D images. Python is great but when you need more raw processing power Delphi and C++ can bring that to you.

But, if you need that extra native performance in your Delphi and C++ Builder applications, we can recommend you to take a look at the ImageEN library. It is one of the most powerful image processing libraries available for RAD Studio. The library includes a complete suite of components to handle all aspects of image editing, analysis, and display. 

ImageEN Components In Action

Layer Editing – Usage of image, shape, text and line layers


Coverflow – Effect Demo of “Coverflow” style effect using a TImageEnMView


Face Detection – Detect and track faces, eyes, mouths, etc., in a video stream


Retouch Tools – Using the in-built retouch tools to fix an image, e.g. smudge, blur, smooth, inpaint, sharpen, etc.


And the ImageEN has its complete set of demos which cover all the functionalities of the library.

Be sure to head over and check out the ImageEN library on GetIt portal and download with one click in the IDE.


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