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Quickly Add Joystick Support (DirectX) To FireMonkey Apps In Delphi 10.4 Sydney On Windows

It is surprisingly easy to add joystick support to your Firemonkey app on Windows. Here is a nice third party component by WINSOFT for Delphi and C++ Builder for retrieving joystick position and status for any keys. You can use wired or wireless joystick for your application like games, audio/video players and other application. I have tested this delphi component on a recent Windows 10. All…
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Easy Access to MS Access Databases with Delphi and C++ Builder Components

If you need to work with Microsoft Access databases in your application then you can use the Data Access Objects (DAO) library from WINSOFT: Component list The DAO library contains the following components: TDAODatabase, TDAODataSet, TDAOTable, TDAOQuery, TDAOUpdateSQL Examples // Create a new database uses DAO, DAODS; GetDBEngine.CreateDatabase('C:\database.mdb', dbLangGeneral…
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Automate Excel and Word Directly From Delphi Using Office Component Suite

Microsoft Office Automation is a feature of the MS Office Component Object Model used to expose theirobjectsto development tools that support automation. For example, Microsoft Excel may expose workbooks, worksheets, charts, and cells. A Microsoft Word might expose objects such as an application, a document, or a selection. Those exposed objects allow other application to manipulate…
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Powerful Quality Assurance Nexus Quality Suite for Delphi on Windows

The Nexus Quality Suite (NQS) is a set of tools that enables you to fine tune your applications to the highest possible performance and quality standards. The current collection of tools include Line, Method and Block level profilers; a memory and resources leek analysis tool; a unit test coverage analyser; a static executable analysis tool; and a GUI script recorder/playback tool. NexusQA…
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