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Compare And Synchronize SQL Database Objects And Table Records With Powerful Component Suite For Delphi

compare synchronize sql database objects and table records

Database designing and maintaining the data is a crucial part of the developer’s job. Sometimes, you might need to compare SQL objects and records. Or maybe synchronize the structure and table data for many databases, like, FireBird, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, Interbase. At that point, Database Comparer can give you fast solutions to your problems.

Database Comparer is free for non-commercial use and gives all the functionality that you need to comparing and synchronizing. You also can use it for educational purposes. Here is the feature list and component list from the developer.

Features at a glance:

  • Compare two databases, database and SQL/DDL script, two SQL/DDL scripts
  • Synchronize data between two database tables
  • Extract database structure
  • Compare specific database objects or entire databases
  • Royalty free licensing. Free Unlimited Email support
  • Fully-indexed help documentation. Delphi and C++Builder demos code
 Component  Description
vtable_bullet-9980359-7540837 DB ComparerCompares two databases (Master and Target) and generates the update script.
vtable_bullet-9980359-7540837 Table Data ComparerSynchronizes table records between two different databases.
vtable_bullet-9980359-7540837 DB ConnectionProvides connection to both Master and Target databases.
vtable_bullet-9980359-7540837 DB StructureRepresents the database structure: tables, triggers, stored procs and other database objects.
vtable_bullet-9980359-7540837 DB ExtractorExtracts the database objects and saves it in to the DatabaseStructure component.
vtable_bullet-9980359-7540837 Script ExtractorParses the SQL/DDL script, extracts all database objects and saves it in to the DatabaseStructure component.
vtable_bullet-9980359-7540837 SQL ExecutorExecutes an SQL script and updates the database structure.

You can utilize the Database Comparer with your Delphi and C++Builder VCL applications.

Head over and check out the Database Comparer VCL on the GetIt portal and download the package within the IDE.

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