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Powerful Advanced Hashing Library For Delphi Windows Development

Delphi has its hashing unit which helps you to hash with a number of different hashes including MD5, Bob Jenkins, SHA1, and SHA 2 (SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, SHA512_224, SHA512_256). But, if you need some other hashing algorithms for your project you can use a free and open-source library called HashLib4Pascal. HashLib4Pascal is an Object Pascal hashing library released under the…
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Create Powerful Linux Applications Using Delphi And FMXLinux

The demand for Linux applications is increasing year after year, as this free and open-source OS becomes more prevalent on PCs. For those of you who need to meet this demand, I present to you FMXLinux (Embarcadero Software License) for Delphi, which allows you to work on Delphi to develop amazing applications without having to learn another language or deal with a new IDE. Simple and powerful…
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Flexible Brotli Compression Library For Your Windows Delphi/C++ Builder VCL And FMX Apps

Intro Most of Delphi and C++ Builder developers utilize preinstalled components and libraries to compress and decompress files. For instance, the System.Zlib which supports gzip and deflate, the System.Zip is also helpful to handle .zip archive files. Moreover, Indy’s TIdCompressorZLib which is based on Zlib. But that is not it. There are more different libraries based on different…
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Awesome Pascal Is A Curated List Of Awesome Open Source Delphi Pascal Frameworks, Libraries, Resources, And More

Developer Anton Frost has a curated listed of Awesome Delphi projects available over on GitHub. It offers a wide variety of projects across multimedia, game development, GUI, scripting, database, reporting, utilities, serial ports, memory management, and much more. Take A Look Awesome DelphiGeneral LibrariesMultimediaAudioVideoGraphicGame devCommunicationsNetworkSerial portGUIControl…
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