Fun Amazons Board Game App Is Made With Delphi

Amazons is a many-faceted game app that has been developed in Delphi. According to the developer, “The game set typically used to play Amazons is a draughts board of size 10 × 10, four white and four black chess queens (called amazons), and a supply of go pieces of one colour (called arrows). The starting position and a first move of white are shown in Fig. 1. A move consists of two steps…
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Fun maXbox Is An All-In-One Script Engine Application: Powered By Delphi

maXbox is an open source script studio with an Object Pascal scripting language. According to the developer, “it is an open-source script tool engine, compiler, and source library, all in one. Use it to design and code your scripts! Pure Code for Object Pascal Scripting. The guiding principles are simplicity and the reduction of complexity to the max. The app is self-containment “out of…
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Delphi 26th Birthday Showcase Challenge

Update: New extended the deadline and simplified requirements. Submit until Feb 22nd. We extended the voting window until Friday, the 5th of March because it took so long to get them all posted, especially with the 10.4.2 release in there. Another great Delphi birthday approaches! Let’s celebrate with a Showcase Challenge! A few months ago we launched a new Showcases on our blog. This is…
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Quickly Create Cloud Aware Delphi And C++ Builder Windows Apps With IPWorks Cloud Storage Library

Cloud Computing and cloud services are now in demand. You can see every new application or system using cloud technologies like Azure Files, Amazon S3, OneDrive, or DropBox. These services offer enterprise-grade and robust file-saving services. And you get easy-to-manage features on your data from these services. Delphi community has several open-source libraries related to these…
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