DelphiRAD Studio

Flexible Cross-Platform Open-Source Component Suite For Delphi FireMonkey

With Delphi, you can do many things from embedded development to cross-platform development or even web development. You can achieve high productivity with RAD Studio. As you know you will get hundreds of amazing components within RAD Studio, and these components solve much work for you. With the FireMonkey framework, you can create any type of application for iOS, Windows, Android, macOS, and…
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Upgrading and Maintaining Delphi Legacy Projects

Legacy projects represent code that continues to provide value long after being written. You want to maintain these legacy projects, adding new features as needed, and be sure they continue to work on new platforms now and in the future. That’s where this webinar comes in. Evaluate the risks of redesigning vs. rewriting your legacy project. Learn the best approaches to refactoring while…
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Benchmark Study Weighs Electron And Delphi on IP Security

Intellectual property security is a pillar of business sustainability. The money, time, and resources invested in a project can be wiped out if the revenue-producing mechanism is not properly protected. How do Delphi and Electron protect intellectual property? The “Discovering The Best Cross-Platform Framework Through Benchmarking” whitepaper evaluates two frameworks supporting…
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Long-Term Feasibility Benchmarking Between Delphi And Electron

The long-term feasibility profiles of Delphi and Electron licenses are vastly different. This is related to Electron’s short history compared to Delphi’s 27-year evolution, and the difficulty of making reliable predictions about Electron’s future. In the blog post below we take a closer look at the long-term feasibility profiles of Delphi and Electron as part of an extensive…
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