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GameVision: A Powerful Game Toolkit Is Developed In Delphi


GameVision™ Game Toolkit for Delphi is an advanced 2-D game development system for PCs running Microsoft Windows® and uses Direct3D® for hardware accelerated rendering. According to the developer, “It’s robust, designed for easy use, and suitable for making all types of 2-D games and other graphic simulations. You access the features from a simple and intuitive procedural API to allow you to rapidly and efficiently develop your graphics simulations. There is support for buffers, bitmaps, audio samples, streaming music, video playback, loading resources directly from a standard zip archive, and much more.”


  • Made using the latest version of Delphi
  • Long history (since 2001, across several released and unreleased projects)
  • Color (create rgba colors in integer and float formats)
  • Archive (create, read standard zip archives)
  • Bitmap (BMP, DDS, PCX, TGA, JPEG, PNG formats)
  • Viewport (multiple, scale, rotate)
  • Display (antialias, primatives, pixels, save to disk)
  • Input (keyboard, mouse, joystick)
  • Font (truetype, unicode)
  • Text (fast static text, multicolor, rotate, scale)
  • Sprite (pages, groups, define image in grid/rectangle space)
  • Entity (position, scale, rotate, thrust, polypoint collision)
  • EntityAction (automated entity action sequences)
  • Audio (streaming music, sound effects, .wav, .flac, .ogg, .opus, .it, .mod, .s3m, .xm, .voc formats)
  • Physics (basic physics for now)
  • Highscores (highscores to a remote MySQL database, asynchronous operations, event callback)
  • Telemetry (send telemetry data to your Google analytics account)
  • Network (httpget, sendmail, reliable UDP)
  • Database (local SQLite, remote MySQL, asynchronous operations, event callback)
  • Bezier (define local point, render curved points)
  • Easing (all the easing methods)
  • Starfield (3-D starfield simulation)
  • Collision (basic collision routines)
  • ConfigFile (ini based configuration file)
  • IAP (desktop in-app purchase, low level and higher level versions)
  • Dialogs (contact us, feedback)
  • IMGUI (immediate mode gui system)
  • Lua (fast and easy lua intergration, can make standalone EXEs, jit compiled via MoonJit)
  • TreeMenu (tree view menu box)
  • Screenshake (nice and juicy screenshake effects)
  • Screenshot (save sequenced screenshot files)
  • Speech (speech playback)
  • PathEditor (create paths that your game objects can follow)
  • Path (access the path data created by PathEditor)
  • StartupDialog (optional startup dialog for your game)
  • Video (.ogv format, play, pause, rewind, render)
  • Polygon (high level polygon object, add local points, transform and render world points)
  • Actor (high level actor system, actor, entity actor, actor list, actor scene)
  • Game (game framework that drives GVT. All system events are managed from a derived TGVCustomGame/TGVGame object)
  • All supported resources can be loaded from a standard zip archive



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