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How To Make An Epic Dashboard Visualization For Windows, Mobile And The Web The Easy Way

Dashboards, graphical visualization of data, seem to be everywhere, especially in these pandemic times where daily and weekly trends take on a very personal significance. In this article, we are going to look at a beautiful dashboard that you can very easily customize to suit your own needs. Visualization is the art of making the useful, beautiful. There is only so far you can get with…
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Windows System Monitor Log Visualization Tool Built In Delphi

Developer Nader Shallabi has a project over on GitHub called Sysmon Tools. Sysmon Tools consists of Sysmon View, Sysmon Shell, and Sysmon Box. Sysmon View is an off-line Sysmon log visualization tool. According to Microsoft Sysmon or System Monitor is a “Windows system service and device driver that, once installed on a system, remains resident across system reboots to monitor and log system…
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The Idera Inc. Family of Brands 2/3 - Developer Tools

In the second of a three-part series, we are looking at the family of brands to which Embarcadero belongs. The first and third articles in the series are also available. As a RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder and InterBase user you’re likely aware that Embarcadero is a…

The Easiest C++ Compiler For The Windows Development

As a software developer, if you are focused on an application development project, as a professional you want to focus only on your project, your code, the UI, and your application’s runtime requirements. If your IDE is hard to handle it can cost a lot of time on low-level or mundane things, slow completion, linking problems, run-time debugging operation requirements, confusing debugging…
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