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Brilliant Visualization Solution Is Powered By Delphi


How does Delphi power this flexible Android application?

The power of Delphi’s multi-platform compiler allows the app to run on Android natively.  The app allows users to easily master the power of the IDEA YACHT flexible and scalable database of the IDEA.NET system.

SpecTec’s management solution is developed in Delphi for luxury yachts. The developer says “the brains of IDEA YACHT are a flexible and scalable database that can be configured to meet your needs. Information pertaining to the vessel’s equipment and spare parts can be easily input, updated, and retrieved, providing a comprehensive overview of the vessel, ensuring you are fully in command.

SpecTec’s management full solution for luxury yachts, IDEA.NET, is entirely web-based.  SpecTec say it “keeps you in full control of your equipment and all related maintenance and procurement duties“.



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