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Why A Data Scientist Chooses Delphi For Powerful Real World Visualizations

This article today is from data scientist and Delphi developer Max Kleiner. Max is the author of the MaXbox which Max’s site describes as “a precompiled object based scripting tool”. Max describes his use of RAD Studio with Delphi to develop Windows software and how he uses JSON objects from HTTP requests to visualize aggregated gas storage inventory data into graphs and…
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How To Make Powerful Data Visualizations With Matplotlib

Did you know it’s easy to make use of some truly excellent Python libraries to super-charge your Delphi app development on Windows? Adding Python to your toolbox of Delphi code can enhance your app development, bringing in new capabilities which help you provide innovative and powerful solutions to your app’s users, which combine the best of Python with the supreme low-code and unparalleled…
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TCoffeeAndCode: Data Visualization – Components, Libraries, Tools and Services

This blog post contains information, tools and links that I will discuss and demo during today’s TCoffeeAndCode webinar on Data Visualization. David I’s DataViz sample code zip file (576kb) What Inspired My Data Vizualization Journey – The Joy of Stats / GapMinder “Our mission is to fight devastating ignorance with a fact-based worldview everyone can understand.” Founded in Stockholm…
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This Ultimate Mathematical Visualization Software Comes With Full Delphi Source Code

Algosim is a mathematical visualization application and scripting language that lets you perform computations on numbers, vectors, matrices, images, sounds, and more. More than 800 functions and 70 operatorsMore than 320 mathematical functions, ranging from linear algebra from number theoryA syntax that very closely mimics the notation in ordinary mathematicsFunctions are first-class objectsA…
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