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Everything You Need To Know About Copy Constructors in C++

Hello, great programmers of C++ and welcome to another round-up of great posts to be found on LearnCPlusPlus.org. LearnCPlusPlus.orgis an inspiring space for C++ developers with its new and unique C++ posts. It has C++ introduction posts for beginners to learn how to program with the C++ programming language. We believe this and everything we do here is aimed at giving you a rapid…
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The Top 12 C++ Things You Can Learn This Week

Hello C++ Developers, LearnCPlusPlus.org is a magical crate full of things you can easily use to learn how to program with the C++ programming language. I believe this and everything I do is aimed at giving you a rapid introduction to programming in C++ and using C++…

How To Make $1,000,000 With C++ (No, REALLY!)

Do you want to win a US$1,000,000 prize? The Millennium Prize Problems are seven mathematics problems laid out by the Clay Mathematics Institute in 2000. They’re not easy – a correct solution to anyone resulted in a US$1,000,000 prize being awarded by the institute.
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6 Easy Ways to Connect to the Top Databases You Should Know

The processing of data is the soul of computing. Almost every single computer ever invented was designed so that human beings could take information in the form of data and manipulate it in one way or another, either through visualizations or use it in other ways to make decisions about our lives, work, and future. If data processing is the soul, then the pieces of data itself are the bones we…
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Incredible Wind Triangle Solving App Is Made In Delphi

We’ve written before about some of the wonderful ways Delphi developers are helping pilots with the difficult job of defying gravity in their aircraft. The reliability of Delphi applications and the cross-platform power of FireMonkey FMX framework, combined with the skillful craftwork of the software engineer seems to lend itself very neatly to solving problems. Aviation is one of those…
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5 Ways To Use Computer Vision In Your Windows Apps

In this article, you’ll learn why you should use Python for computer vision, how to use the Python Windows GUI Builder for GUI features and functionalities, how to use Python libraries to perform Computer Vision Tasks, the results, and much more. What is Computer Vision? According to Ballard and Brown in 1982, Computer Vision is an interdisciplinary scientific field that deals with how…
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