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Incredible Wind Triangle Solving App Is Made In Delphi


We’ve written before about some of the wonderful ways Delphi developers are helping pilots with the difficult job of defying gravity in their aircraft. The reliability of Delphi applications and the cross-platform power of FireMonkey FMX framework, combined with the skillful craftwork of the software engineer seems to lend itself very neatly to solving problems. Aviation is one of those areas in which modern mobile devices can be the perfect tool to assist with the mind-boggling situations and tasks a pilot must address.

Creating a mobile application with RAD Studio and Delphi is extremely easy – freeing up the developer to focus on the complexities of the problem rather than being bogged down in making the mobile app actually work.

E6B is a flight computer and it’s written in Delphi

The E6B app, from Delphi Developer Micriconsult based in Oostende in Belgium, is a mobile app which solves a “wind triangle” for pilots of light aircraft.

The users enter four values out of six. The six values are three speeds and three angles. The app calculates the remaining two unentered values of the six.

Micriconsult says  “it then explains how you get these results with a flight computer, by animating it. It rotates the disk, slides it and add marks. It also shows what value to use for each step towards the solution. This app runs on Android devices and preferably on tablets. On devices with smaller screens, you may need to zoom.”

What are the features of The E6B Flight Computer app?

  • E6B solves any kind of wind triangle problem and explains how to find those results on a regular flight computer.
  • It contains an accurate visualization of a flight computer.
  • Each of the different steps are animated toward a solution.
  • Users can tap the “explain” tab to get a short explanation of the app.
  • The app supports zooming in (two fingers gesture) and pan (one finger gesture) to ease accessing the data entry controls or to enlarge a part of flight computer.
  • It supports portrait and landscape layout.
  • Users can change the language to the language settings of the Android device. Available languages are English (Default), French, German, Spanish and Dutch.

Google Play

E6B Basic Flight Computer

Screenshot Gallery

Incredible Wind Triangle Solving App Is Made In Delphi screen 1
Incredible Wind Triangle Solving App Is Made In Delphi screen 2
Incredible Wind Triangle Solving App Is Made In Delphi screen 3
Incredible Wind Triangle Solving App Is Made In Delphi screen 4

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