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Powerful Petroleum And Mining Software For Surface And Subsurface Data Visualization Is Built In Delphi


Over the past three decades, Golden, Colorado-based RockWare, Inc. has established itself as a leader in the highly specialized geological mapping and modeling sector. Its flagship product, RockWorks, creates 3-dimensional geological models of the earth’s subsurface for customers in environmental (toxic cleanup, contamination audits), hydrogeology (surface and sub-surface water), and industrial minerals (e.g. gypsum, sand gravel) segments and it is built in Delphi. One of the key benefits of Delphi according to Jim Reed, Director R&D is that “It allows us to put in millions of lines of code and do it in an efficient way without maxing out memory. Because of that, we can have a monster program that does 50 zillion different things, but can be downloaded comfortably in a reasonable amount of time. Given that 65% of our business is outside of North America, executable files have to be small enough so that someone in Sudan can download data over a lousy connection.” He attributes this capability to the overlay features in Delphi, which allow for exceptional memory management. “Delphi allows you to easily load and unload things in memory so our software can run on any basic machine. In fact with a low-end PC you could have our application up and running in an hour. We couldn’t live without that.”

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