Benchmarking Memory Managers BigBrain 2020 vs. FastMM5

Looking to upgrade the memory manager in Embarcadero Dev C++ I investigated a number of memory manages including FastMM4-AVX. The second memory manager I looked at is called BigBrain 2020 and it looks to have significant performance improvements in some areas. There is a comprehensive blog post by the creator of BigBrain 2020 which compares performance between BigBrain 2020 and FastMM5 (and TC…
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The Origins Of Delphi R&D Recounted By Danny Thorpe, Original Delphi 1 Team Member

I ran across this post over on StackExchange where Danny Thorpe, one of the original Delphi 1 team members, recounts the effort that went into the research and development behind the creation of Delphi 1. Enjoy! “Delphi 1.0 was released Feb 14, 1995. By my (now somewhat foggy) recollection, research / experimentation that directly contributed to defining the Delphi visual development…
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