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Learn How To Take Your Cross-Platform Development To The Next Level With Delphi FireUI

With the all-new FireUI Multi-Device Designer, design user interfaces across multiple devices using a master form to share all user interface code, then optimize derived views for each target platform and device. The existing native Desktop styles have been extended to cover the same UI elements as mobile styles, providing a 1:1 match with universal styling support across all platforms, giving the…
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Learn How to Deploy Your Delphi Applications To The Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store is not just applications or games store. You can buy dozens of devices and available physical stores also. This is an immense market for you! Since you are developing applications with Delphi, you can build and deploy applications to the Microsoft Store, Apple App Store, Google Play Store. I think learning about building and deploying APPX bundles with Delphi can be a huge addition…
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Learn How To Use The Oracle Continuous Query Notification (CQN) Feature With Delphi FireDAC On Windows

TheOracle_CQNsample shows you how to useContinuous Query Notificationwith Oracle databases using FireDAC. Location You can find theOracle_CQNproject at: Start | Programs | Embarcadero RAD Studio Sydney | Samplesand then navigate to:Object Pascal\Database\FireDAC\Samples\DBMS Specific\Oracle\CQNSubversion Repository:You can find Delphi code samples…
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