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Easily Create Ultra-Fast C++ Applications With Low-Level libsimdpp Library In C++Builder

Single Instruction Multiple Data is a class of parallel computers. It represents computers with various processing components that perform the same work on multiple points simultaneously. Moreover, most recent CPU designs combine SIMD instruction to enhance the production of multimedia usage.

And you can utilize SIMD in your C++ Builder applications with this libsimdpp portable low-level SIMD library which is available in GetIt. libsimdpp is a portable header-only zero-overhead C++ low-level SIMD library. The library presents a single interface over SIMD instruction sets present in x86, ARM, PowerPC, and MIPS architectures.

Head over and find out more information about the Portable C++ low-level SIMD library in GetIt and then download it via the IDE.

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Be sure to check out these sources to learn more about SIMD

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