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Quick Logger Is A Powerful Enterprise-Grade Asynchronous Logger For Delphi


Library for logging on files, console, memory, email, rest, event log, Syslog, slack, telegram, Redis, logstash, elasticsearch, influxdb, graylog, Sentry, Twilio, ide debug messages and throw events for Delphi Firemonkey (Windows/Linux/OSX/IOS/Android).

Quick Logger is asynchronous. All logs are sent to a queue and don’t compromise your application flow. You can define many providers to sent every log entry and decide what level accepts everyone.

QuickLogger manages Logger and Providers automatically. Logger and providers have a global class, auto-created and released on close your app. You only need to add wanted providers to your uses clause.

There are a range of eventtypes you can define in your logs: etHeader, etInfo, etSuccess, etWarning, etError, etCritical, etException, etDebug, etTrace, etCustom1, etCustom2.

Every logger provider can be configured to listen for one or more of these event types and limit the number of received eventtypes received for a range of eventtypes per Day, hour, minute, or second to avoid performance problems or be spammed.

Be sure to check out all the features and examples of the QuickLogger here!


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