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Detect Real-World Places Of Interest With A Super-Easy API

How cool would it be for your Windows or mobile app to allow travelers to take random pictures at interesting places and retrieve instant useful information about the location they are visiting and the landmarks they can see? In this article we will see how to easily do just that using RAD Studio and Delphi with only few lines of code! Google API – harnessing super computing power the…
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Easily Deploy RAD Server With Windows And Linux Installers

I’ve been demonstrating complete, industry-ready RAD Server solutions. The Field Services Industry template, for example, includes REST endpoints to which the Field Service Admin and Field Service App connect. It stores its databases on the backend with InterBase. Or theHospitality Industry templatethat includes a mobile client application for collecting survey data, a…
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Free Source Code: RAD Server Field Services Industry REST API Template Solution For Your Business

You can rapidly build and deploy services-based applications withRAD Server. And you get pre-built Docker images for RAD Server on Linux available from Docker Hub. This means you can deploy your services on Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, or on-premise. There are severalindustry templatesbuilt with RAD Server and RAD Studio. One of the templates is the Field Service project…
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Quickly Consume The Firebase REST API With The Open Source Firebase4Delphi Library

Firebase helps mobile and web app teams succeed according to their site. The Firebase4Delphi library was created by Embarcadero MVP Daniele Spinetti and is a powerful solution for accessing Firebase from within Delphi. Firebase “gives you functionality like analytics, databases, messaging and crash reporting so you can move quickly and focus on your users. It is built on Google…
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