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Learn How Easy It Can Be To Update Your C++ Builder Projects With The Embarcadero Migration Team

Stephen, Mary, and Al are back and walk you through the process of modernizing and migrating a legacy C++ application to the new C++Builder 10.4, specifically incorporating InterBase and FireDAC connections, among other innovations.

Yesterday’s Tools Won’t Cut It

You’ve made the right choice to modernize your legacy apps! In order to be successful, you’ll need to upgrade to the best developer tools available today: RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney.

  • Mobile App Support in all Professional, Enterprise and Architect editions enable developers to easily support iOS and Android native apps via one codebase and easily create mobile app UI designs with FMX.
  • Updated VCL framework. Design modern Windows UI/UX with support for high DPI capabilities, modern styling, and unmatched responsiveness.
  • Implement the best Windows native support features (better than Microsoft itself!)
  • Reuse your code to create high-performance micro-services and/or take advantage of containerization
  • Ensure no deterioration in application performance with proven frameworks
  • Enhance data integration with new connectivity options
  • Create Web Clients by leveraging our latest REST API technology
  • Leverage existing developer skills and save effort and time migrating code, without a painful re-write required for other languages.

Head over and find out more about upgrading legacy projects in our Update And Migration Center!

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