Powerful Compact Cross-Platform Logging Framework For Windows And Mobile

Developers spend most of their time debugging and finding issues by analyzing the log. And there are lots of different logging frameworks available. RAD Studio developers also have several options to go. One of the best logging frameworks is TMS Logging. What is TMS Logging? This is a compact cross-platform logging framework offering informative log output to a flexible number of targets…
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DelphiRAD Studio

Quick Logger Is A Powerful Enterprise-Grade Asynchronous Logger For Delphi

Library for logging on files, console, memory, email, rest, event log, Syslog, slack, telegram, Redis, logstash, elasticsearch, influxdb, graylog, Sentry, Twilio, ide debug messages and throw events for Delphi Firemonkey (Windows/Linux/OSX/IOS/Android). Quick Loggeris asynchronous. All logs are sent to a queue and don’t compromise your application flow. You can define many providers…
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