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Advanced Debugging And Application Logging System For Windows Developers


CodeSite is an advanced debugging and application logging system that gives developers deeper insight into how their code is executing. One of the benefits of this is that you can locate problems more quickly and easily ensure their application is running correctly.

CodeSite can do live logging and file logging, it can be local and remote based on the configuration.


Obtaining information is at the core of CodeSite. Developers recognize the data that they would like to capture and then call a relevant method of a CodeSite logger instance. Moreover, you can inspect object properties, inspect XML data, inspect image files and inspect datasets.


Key Features:

  • Logging classes provide extensive methods for capturing all kinds of information
  • Does not interrupt application flow
  • Easily log complex data structures
  • Group logging information by user-defined categories
  • Powerful and flexible configuration
  • Specially designed tools for analysis

Be sure to check out CodeSite on the GetIt portal and install it from the IDE


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