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RAD Server CRUD Procedures - Part 2

In this Part 2 post, we will discuss modifying the default generated CRUD (CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETE) procedure implementations from the RAD Server Package Wizard, to show one possible way to implement Get, GetItem, Post, PutItem and DeleteItem REST Endpoints. In the Part 1 post, we discussed the default generated CRUD procedure implementations from the RAD Server Package Wizard. In the Part 3…
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Easy Serialization From Query To JSON

This is a set of features combined on a group of functions to help you work with JSON format, without had to write a bunch of classes and handles, perfect for people who work with integrated applications, such as web services host or client, or if your project requires NO…

PAT: An Incredible Process Analysis Tool Made In Delphi

PAT is an additional Tool for a BMS-System like PRIVA and it is developed in Delphi. According to the developer, it has the following functionality: – Import / Export of Values via CSV, Excel, Database, MODBUS, XML or JSON– Report-Designer incl. automatic creation of energy management-Reports– Event-System– Alarm / Message import and Statistic– Web-Interface via…
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QuickLib Is A Powerful Third Party Library For Delphi Which Can Boost Productivity

Most of the time when starting a new big project you end up creating lots of modules for your application. Most of them could be dozens of different functions which helps to write less code while building the main project. For instance, while I was developing a school management system, I have created more than 30 modules for my project and currently, I utilize them all the time. They are my core…
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Build High Performance REST Services With This Server-Client EMS FireDAC Demo In Delphi

This sample demonstrates how to use an EMS package to extend the EMS Server to connect to an SQLite database using FireDAC components. he sample accesses an SQLite database. The connection parameters are defined in the TFDConnection component. If you experience problems with the connection verify these parameters. It requires InterBase to be installed on the machine or to connect to a remote…
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