5 Ways To Enhance The Security Of Windows Apps

Every organization wants to get ahead of security, and security is essential for everyone. Having a secure system always helps you to avoid future problems with your customers. These current advanced and different technologies that you use give lots of risks to build secure systems. But there are always best practices to prevent dozens of vulnerabilities in your app. Developing a…
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5 Ways To Improve Your Code: What You Need To Know

Over time, software development has experienced significant changes in the approach to design as well as how those designs are implemented. As the market evolved, the software industry also had to adapt to it for a better digital experience for the customers. Delphi and RAD…

Tracking Changes with InterBase Change Views

The ability to track changes in your database can be a time consuming and tedious process that can in certain circumstances impact the performance of your database and your users. InterBase offers an easy to implement solution to tracking those changes. What are Change Views? Change Views are a patented subscription model used to subscribe to data and identify what data has changed in the…
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Welcome to the future of software development, again

I have some good news for you, the future of software development has arrived! Well, to be precise, the next possible big thing in the future of software development is here… again. What’s next for using Electron with Windows for Windows Application Development?
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How To Capture Highly Customizable Website Snapshots

Screenshotlayer is a lightweight REST API built to deliver high-quality PNG, JPEG & GIF visual website snapshots through a simple and easy-to-use interface. We’re going to make use of that API to create a really powerful website snapshot app. Website snapshots, in Delphi, using the Screenshotlayer API The Screenshotlayer API is easy to integrate and works without requiring a queue.
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How To Make A Windows and Mobile Telegram Messenger App

In this article, you will learn about Telegram Messenger, why use Telegram Cloud in your own applications, TDLib Library, using OpenSSL for security and encryption, developing your own Telegram in Windows app development software, and much more. What is Telegram Messenger? Telegram Messenger is a popular cloud instant messaging application. This application offers multiple services…
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