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Embarcadero Quality Portal Migration


Quality Portal (https://quality.embarcadero.com/) is Embarcadero’s customer facing website for reporting bugs in the products, issues in the documentation, or to suggest new features to implement. In particular, there is a project in the Quality Portal site for RAD Studio, called RSP. This portal is powered by Atlassian JIRA and it has been hosted in house for many years now, after migrating from an old homegrown system called RAID. 

Quality Portal has served us and our customer needs well over the years. As you may have heard, Atlassian has discontinued supporting on-premise servers and asked customers to migrate to the Atlassian hosted version.

The plan is to have a new public bug reporting and feature request portal for RAD Studio using the Atlassian JSM (Jira Service Manager) front end, working in conjunction with the JIRA system used by R&D. The new portal will continue to serve the purpose of allowing customers to log issues and make requests, even if it will offer a different user experience. In addition, it will have the advantage of being a standard, stable, and fully integrated system.

For the time being, the existing Quality Portal system will remain accessible read only. The data on the old system will remain visible, even after the new portal will be in place.

This migration has been planned for a few months and the expected timeline is now. Quality Portal will shortly become read only. By next week, we’ll have the new portal in place and we’ll have a new blog post explaining how to use it and providing additional information.

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