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A Beginner's Guide To Windows Tools For Developers

It’s hard to ignore the huge success that Microsoft has had in encouraging users to adopt Windows. Even today with competition from Linux, macOS and even more esoteric device choices such as Chromebooks with their ChromeOS Microsoft Windows is the overwhelmingly dominant choice for both business and home users. Whatever platform you target as a developer, the goal is always the same…
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The Intermediate Guide to Windows App Development

Windows app development is quite a large subject when you go beyond just scratching the surface. There are several different kinds of Windows app development beyond just the regular GUI application. In this article we take a look at a few of the other types of app such as Windows services, web server apps and even DLLs for Apache web servers. In Windows app development, what is a Windows…
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How Are Delphi And Electron Licenses Alike And How Do They Differ?

Delphi and Electron licenses differ significantly. In fact, in some ways, they are diametrically opposed. The benchmarking study cited in this blog post and the entire series of which is the seventh post looks at the similarities and differences between the two platforms. Read on and decide what to use in developing applications in different platforms. The “Discovering The Best…
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13 Things About C++ Software You May Not Know

C++ is an incredibly versatile, powerful, multi-purpose programming language. There is quite literally nothing that cannot be done with C++ whether it be a low-level, close to metal system application which pulls out the maximum amount of power from the computer to the most modern applications with the very latest innovations in user interface design and hardware integrations. A truly great C++…
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