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7 Ways To Interact With Internet Protocols You Should Know

In this article, you will learn what an internet protocol is, why use Python to interact with internet protocols, how to use Python Windows GUI Builder to add features and functionalities to Python, how to use Python libraries to interact with internet protocols and supports, how to get started with Python4Delphi, and much more. What is the Internet Protocol? The Internet Protocol is…
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Learn to Code Summer Camp 2021

Update: Day 1 ReplaysDay 2 ResourcesDay 3 Resources The weather is hot in the northern hemisphere, so that means it is time for the annual Embarcadero sponsored Learn to Code Summer Camp! Our Summer Camps and Boot Camps have been a huge hit in previous years. This is your…
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How Do I Add An Ultimate AI-Driven Chatbot To My App?

Chatbots are the unctuous umami flavoring to modern enterprise-grade apps. The AI in the chatbot is the secret sauce. What you need is the recipe. A chatbot adds that extra polish to your app if it’s appropriate to your user base and the app’s purpose. At the most fundamental level, the chatbot is simply a computer program that simulates human conversation and is used to engage with…
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Build A Modern, Scalable AI Chatbot Into Your Apps in Under 5 Minutes!

User interaction now has a new set of tools: Chatbots, and they have many advantages. Chatbots have become almost ubiquitous in recent times. Not only that but many of the bots have added power by the inclusion of basic artificial intelligence and machine learning to make them much smarter and with that added smarts they can become much more useful than a simple “hi how are you&#8221…
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Are You Using The Secret Alternative To SQLite?

I know the best way to traumatize a software developer who has been using Windows Tools for Developers for some time. You just show them this image: The BDE Administration Manager. So many ‘happy’ hours trying to resolve “PDOXUSERS.NET is in use” messages and learning all about the purpose of arcane settings like SharedDir and NETDIR. Shudder. If you wanted to store a database…
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