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Robust Way to Find Leaks With Deleaker In Delphi and C++Builder Applications

It’s quite normal for a developer to forget to destroy or free the objects while developing, these small memory leaks over a period of time lead the application to crash with, out of memory error. Finding that memory leaks in small projects it is easy. How about finding the leaks in large enterprise applications? Tired of finding the leaks? Don’t worry. The Deleaker solves the problem…
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Learn How To Use constexpr In Modern C++ With C++Builder For Windows Development

In this tutorial, you will learn how to utilize constexpr variables and constexpr functions. The principal idea is the performance enhancement of applications by doing calculations at compile time rather than run time. The purpose is to allocate time in the compilation and save time and run time. The constexpr keyword was introduced in C++11 and improved in C++14 and C++17. constexpr specifies…
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Why C++Builder? Check Out The Advantages Of A C++ Developer On Windows

C++ has consistently dominated “Top Programming Languages” lists worldwide this year. With such a strong demand, C++ developers are well-positioned to experience a good problem: too much work. You can join the presenter and C++Builder Product Manager, David Millington, to explore the features and functionality that set C++Builder apart by helping C++ developers worldwide build…
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Free C++ Bootcamp To Quickstart Your C++ Development

Check out the 5-days C++ boot camp! Within this Bootcamp, you get over 10 hours of free training on C++ Builder. What topics this do Bootcamp cover? Building your first application with C++ BuilderCreating fast, responsive user interfaces with animations and effectsC++11 chat with C++ ExpertsC++11 Language Deep DiveC++ Game DevelopmentStepping up to Mobile with Q&A for the…
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