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Robust Way to Find Leaks With Deleaker In Delphi and C++Builder Applications

It’s quite normal for a developer to forget to destroy or free the objects while developing, these small memory leaks over a period of time lead the application to crash with, out of memory error. Finding that memory leaks in small projects it is easy. How about finding the leaks in large enterprise applications? Tired of finding the leaks? Don’t worry. The Deleaker solves the problem for you in a robust way.

Find all the memory leaks, It doesn’t matter what type of leaks are occurring, Deleaker will find them all: memory leaks (produced by the heap, virtual memory, or OLE allocators, etc.), GDI leaks, leaks of Windows USER objects, and handles.

Deleaker detects leaks in Delphi and C++ Builder. It can work either as a standalone application or as a RAD Studio extension. Standalone is convenient, for example, if RAD Studio is not installed.

If Deleaker works as an extension, a developer can search for leaks without leaving RAD Studio, which lets him move to the source of possible errors quicker. After installation, a new Deleaker item is added to the RAD Studio main menu:

How to use the Deleaker :

  • Install the Deleaker setup check here. While installing choose the options as standalone or integration with RAD studio.
  • Create a sample windows VCL application and write a piece of code with some memory leaks in it.
  • Run the application, perform the action to create memory leaks, and close the application.
  • Deleaker will create a snapshot of memory leaks where you can navigate to the line of code from the snapshot window directly to IDE. It’s that simple identify the memory leaks. Check the samples and resources available here.

Check this below video demonstration of Deleaker for Delphi and C++ builder.

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