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Using CMake with the free Embarcadero C++ compiler

Do you want to use CMake with the newly released free compiler? This post quickly runs you through installing both the compiler and CMake, and shows an example build using two C++ files and the corresponding CMakeLists.txt. CMake is a popular third-party build tool. Ensuring the compiler is installed To start, make sure you have the compiler in your system path. (When you download andextract…
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A new edition of our free C++ compiler

Author: Jmac61 A long time ago, back when C++Builder was made by Borland,we made available a free version of our C++ compiler. If you’ve been around the C++ community long enough you’re probably very familiar with it: ‘Borland C++…

Using "reFind" tool to migrate BDE app to FireDAC with Delphi 10.1

Author: Pawe Gowacki Two weeks ago I was contributing to a bigger Delphi migration webinar run by mycolleagueStephen Ball the demonstration of actual steps of live migration of BDE-based source code to FireDAC. Migration of existing VCLprojects to the latest version of Delphiis the hot topic in Delphi community. Many migration tasks can be automated. Today at the Developer…
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Conectando desde Delphi a un webservice de Prestashop

Author: Emilio PM Prestashop es una aplicación web muy extendida en Europa y que se utiliza para crear comercios electrónicos. Dispone de una funcionalidad para conectar aplicaciones utilizando un servicio web. Existen multitud de páginas webs donde te explican como activar un servicio web en Prestashop, así pues, el primer paso es activarlo y obtener una clave para poder conectarnos. En…
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