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Easy Powerful InstantObjects for Delphi on Windows

InstantObjects is a suite of Open Source components for Delphi, an Object Persistent Framework (OPF) maintained by Ethea for the design and implementation of modern applications. With InstantObjects, object-oriented programming is pushed to the highest levels, allowing a clear separation of the business logic with the presentation (user interface) and storage (persistence on database) parts.
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Third party community sites based around Embarcadero tools and frameworks. English DelphiPraxishttps://en.delphipraxis.net/ Delphi developer (FB)https://www.facebook.com/groups/137012246341854/ C++Builder on DelphiPraxishttps://en.delphipraxis.net/forum/41-general-help/ C++Builder Developer’s Journalhttp://bcbj.org/forums/ C++Builder Developer…
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Open for Business with 10.4! - May 2020 GM Update

Open for Business with 10.4! The world is cautiously opening up for business. The pandemic has devastated economies and businesses throughout the world, but the IT sector is one of the best positioned to endure and prosper in the future. Developers will be busy as companies accelerate digitalization to prepare for a virtual world. There are many more applications to build! Low and Mid code…
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Aircraft Tracking Dashboard - Cool Apps Selection

The Cool Apps awards are not just for consumer applications, they are also awarded when someone uses Delphi to help them do really cool things, and today’s selection is one of those. Today, we’re featuring a Balloon-based Aircraft Tracker from David Akerman. David…

Beyond Compare - Cool Apps Selection

Today’s Cool Apps selection is Beyond Compare, from Scooter Software. Beyond Compare is a data management utility that allows users to compare and reconcile documents, files, folders, and even whole system drives quickly and easily. It’s a deeply useful resource, and it…