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What is Stable Diffusion And Generative Art?

Are you curious about the powerful process of Stable Diffusion and how it can impact your development projects? If so, you’re in luck! In this post, we’ll explain what Stable Diffusion is and explore its advantages for developers. We’ll also highlight some of the ways that leveraging this process can help make your Windows and cross-platform projects more successful. So, get…
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Sample code for Integrating Business Analytics, powered by Yellowfin, inside Delphi Applications.

If you develop applications that collect data, then it’s a pretty sure bet that the users of your application have reports that interpret that data. While there are many reporting options for Delphi/C++Builder/RAD Studio developers that allow standard reporting through adding components to your application, this can still leave much work for the developer, which can take a considerable…
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Delphi Digital Fan Art and AI Art Contest

Are you a developer or creative looking for an exciting new challenge that will not only push the boundaries of technology but also possibly win you up to $500 in prizes? If so, the Delphi Digital Fan Art and AI Art Contest is precisely what you’re looking…
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Why A Data Scientist Chooses Delphi For Powerful Real World Visualizations

This article today is from data scientist and Delphi developer Max Kleiner. Max is the author of the MaXbox which Max’s site describes as “a precompiled object based scripting tool”. Max describes his use of RAD Studio with Delphi to develop Windows software and how he uses JSON objects from HTTP requests to visualize aggregated gas storage inventory data into graphs and…
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Electronics Manufacturing Made Easy With Delphi And RAD Server

We recently asked developers to get in touch with their stories of building enterprise solutions with RAD Studio’s IDE software including Delphi, C++ Builder, as well as related technologies such as RAD Server, FireDAC, and Interbase. Today’s article was written by Bruce McKibben about his Macaos system. Thanks Bruce! What is Macaos story? Although there are many good tools…
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World's Best Fruit Fly Research Engine Is Built With Delphi

They may be tiny, but fruit flies are actually hugely popular to researchers trying to unfurl the secrets of life itself. In this Enterprise Article entry Delphi developer David Schwartz discusses why…