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6 Ways To Rapidly Collect Massive Datasets in your Apps

Do you have trouble collecting massive datasets in your apps? In this article, you’ll learn what web scraping is, how it is done, and how to use lightweight Python IDE windows tools for web scraping, web scraping results using Python4Delphi, and many more. What is web scraping? Web Scraping is a technique where a computer program extracts data from human-readable output coming from…
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Machine Learning: 5 Ways To Use ML in your Windows Apps

How do I start using Machine Learning in Windows? Machine learning isn’t just for the cloud, or run locally in a web browser or command prompt. Microsoft is bringing it to PCs in the latest Windows 10 release. For example, Microsoft provides Python’s WinRT to create Windows Machine Learning applications, and ONNX (Open Neural Network Exchange) format, an open standard for sharing trained…
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Connecting Databases with FireDAC through SSH

A customer recently inquired whether FireDAC could be used to connect to a database via an SSH tunnel. Of course, the short answer is yes. But first, let’s define an SSH tunnel and how it can be easily accomplished with Delphi and FireDAC. SSH Tunnels Secure Shell (ssh) is a standard tool that comes with most “network” operating systems, such as Windows. Linux, UNIX, macOS, and…
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Rapidly Create Cloud Aware Native Applications

You get built-in components to work with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. For instance, Data.Cloud.AmazonAPI contains classes that implement the API for using the Amazon services (such as queue, table). And the TAmazonStorageService class allows you to connect to…

New Years Resolution: Learn. Teach. Repeat.

The title of this blog post may combine two somewhat overly familiar ideas, but it’s highly appropriate for the goals we have set. Learning and teaching Delphi is paramount for our success, and we plan to keep doing more of it in the New Year. Delphi education helps…

Develop. Share. Inspire. - GM Update for November 2020

It is already November—time flies these days. Despite the global pandemic, we keep charging ahead. As developers are getting more used to working from home (and some love it), we see more projects picking up, which is exciting. I am especially thrilled that there are more and more public Delphi projects on GitHub, and related discussions on popular platforms, such as Stack Overflow and Reddit…
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