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The High-Performance Future Of AI Is REST APIs

the future of ai is rest apis

Businesses mostly prefer artificial intelligence solutions that are customized as per their needs and serve exactly the same purpose that they want to achieve. In such situations, that require a significant level of customization, desktop apps are still an ideal choice of adoption for fast-paced businesses. 

Desktop apps are powerful execution tools that can natively run on your local machine to provide holistic application navigation and utilization experiences. With the advancement of modern web technologies, the desktop application development paradigm also experienced a major drift in terms of implementation. Technologies such as JavaScript and Python have inspired hybrid implementations of desktop apps.

We already know from the Delphi vs. WPF vs. Electron for Windows Desktops Whitepaper that products such as RAD Studio (Delphi and C++ Builder) provide a seamless desktop application utilization experience by enabling native code that is fast, high performance, and memory efficient. Using the potential of REST APIs, you can easily integrate artificial intelligence into your already built desktop apps with Windows IDE. 

In this blog post, we‚Äôll look at how we can use REST APIs to create tremendous Delphi and C++ desktop apps that provide customized artificial intelligence solutions for our own use case. 

What are the benefits of using REST APIs for AI?

The primary motivation behind designing AI solutions is to study data and predict meaningful insights out of the data. In today‚Äôs world, where businesses are producing loads and loads of data, AI serves its best purpose by providing various kinds of predictive outcomes for the companies. 

The fact of the matter is, everyone wants to use AI for the larger betterment and benefit, but not everyone has the capacity and capability to design the artificial intelligence solutions in-house by themselves. Be it infrastructural constraints, hardware limitations, lack of human resources, or tight organizational budget, if you cannot afford to set it up then it does not at all mean that you cannot even consume it. The REST APIs and the concept of AI as a service are the changemakers in this entire intelligent automation lifecycle. 

The people and ventures who have the required resources provide AI using the REST service. To you, as the end-consumer of their AI resource, it does not matter how they handle the internal complications and functionalities to process machine learning models. You only provide your data points to the third-party service and ask it to do the hard work on your behalf and just return the final output for you to use further. All the hardware, infrastructural, and optimization stuff is efficiently handled by the API service internally. 

How does RAD Studio help in creating stunning high-performance AI desktop apps?

rad studio 2674392

Now that we know how REST APIs make it really easy to use the power of artificial intelligence, here comes the point where we choose RAD Studio to create impressive desktop apps that make intelligent decisions for their users. Due to Delphi and C++ Builder in RAD Studio, the developed desktop apps have high performance, decreased memory usage, and an overall optimized application utilization experience. 

Since RAD Studio provides Delphi runtime and C++ builder, it is tremendously difficult to design and develop AI components with this technology stack and ecosystem. Apart from that, there is no need to recreate the wheel and write ML scripts from scratch to run on your local machine and environment. It makes complete sense to use already optimized third-party AI REST APIs and just integrate them in the Delphi desktop application. 

For instance, you can easily develop and deploy a content moderation app using Delphi, C++, and ML using the strength of APIs. 

What are some of the greatest REST APIs that provide AI as a service?

deepai 2099479

Following are some of the finest examples of AI/ML REST APIs offered by the trusted DeepAI

After a careful review and thorough consideration of AI REST APIs, we can safely make an argument that AI is indeed the need of time, and REST APIs enable this demand by providing AI as a service and make their combination future-proof. On the other hand, RAD Studio provides Delphi and C++ Builder to delegate a smooth native desktop app experience, that when combined to support AI REST APIs, produces immeasurable benefits to data-driven businesses.

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