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Create Robust Core Music Player Functionality For Windows In Delphi With FMX Sample

The MusicPlayer application uses controls such as TProgressBar, and TTrackBar, and platform-specific technologies such as MPMusicPlayerController for iOS, to show how to create a music player. Your device needs to have at least one song so that you can see the application functionality. The sample allows the audio files listing and standard media controls like play, pause, and volume. Note…
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Learn Advanced FireMonkey Development For Building Visually Stunning GUIs On Linux

Jim McKeeth, Ian Barker, and Frank Lauter discuss the benefits of FireMonkey on Linux and all the exciting things FMXLinux can do for your projects in this CodeRage session. FireMonkey for Linux, also known as FMXLinux, is an add-on component that is made available to Delphi and RAD Studio Enterprise and Architect edition customers through an exclusive OEM agreement with…
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Learn How to Deploy Flexible Optical Barcode Recognition For Delphi VCL On Windows With WINSOFT Library

Introduction OBR (Optical Barcode recognition) is a VCL type library (Windows platform only). Its main purpose is to decode QR code and Barcode images. In the next short video you will see installation instructions: 2) Components in the Demo and what they do There are two panels. One is at the top, containing the button for the picture choise. In the middle there is a…
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