Quickly Learn How To Connect And Manage A SQLite Database For Delphi/C++ Builder With SQLite Sample App

SQLite becomes popular for working with light weight embedded, mobile, IoT, and desktop applications. Do you want yourDelphi and C++Builder Applications to connect with SQLite Database? How to start? Don’t worry,FireDACoffers robust components to connect with MySQL Database. FireDAC.SQLLiteSample app demonstrates how to use FireDAC to work with SQLite…
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Learn How to Customize Delphi Components With The FMX Styles In This CodeRage Replay

Many FireMonkey developers try to change the properties of the components to make unique designs or styles. But, by changing properties you make a few changes and that is it. What you can do is that you just need to learn how to customize FMX styles. In this CodeRage session by Ray Konopka, you can find out many demos in action about this topic. When FireMonkey has first introduced the…
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Create A Cross-Platform Photo Sharing App Within 3 Minutes Using C++ Builder FireMonkey

C++ Builder has always been an outstanding rapid application development environment for millions of developers around the world. In this tutorial, you can see a demonstration of building a photo-sharing application in under 3 minutes using the C++ Builder FireMonkey for Windows, Android, and iOS. Note: C++Builder Android support is limited to Android 32-bit. FireMonkey component called…
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