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Get These Visually Stunning FireMonkey Styles Free To Enhance User Experience In Your Delphi Apps


Last few years, we can see that many amazing and visually stunning FireMonkey and VCL styles have been developed. With these kinds of styles, you can take your user experience of the application to next level by just applying it with the TStyleBook component.

TStyleBook component stores a collection of styles for a form. When you understand styles and this TStyleBook you can easily customize any template style files to your needs.

FMX Styles

  • FMX Style – Calypso
  • FMX Style – MaterialOxfordBlue
  • FMX Multi-Device Style – Material Patterns Blue
  • FMX Style – PuertoRico
  • FMX Style – Stellar
  • FMX Multi-Device Style – Ubuntu Clear Fantasy
  • FMX Style – WedgewoodLight

Be sure to check out these workshops to learn more about FireMonkey Styles

Head over and check out the FMX Styles on the GetIt portal and download them from the IDE


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