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VCL Styles: Master The Secrets Of Beautiful Modern Apps In Windows 10

Similar to Windows themes, VCL styles make it easy to radically change the appearance of your VCL applications, giving your application that extra level of polish and professionalism. Thanks to the Per Control VCL Styles introduced in 10.4, a single form can take advantage of multiple styles giving you maximum customization and control. RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder ship with a selection of VCL styles, with additional premium styles available in GetIt, or from DelphiStyles. In this webinar replay join Alexey Sharagin, the creative genius behind DelphiStyles, to learn everything you ever wanted to know about working with VCL styles, including how to customize and make your own.

  • Properties of TStyleManager to adjust VCL styles for forms, dialogs, and menus
  • Specifics of High-DPI support
  • Benefits of using VCL Styles in application
  • Per-control styling support details
  • Creating and customizing styles with the Bitmap Style Designer tool
  • Using styles from GetIt and DelphiStyles.com

Find out more about VCL Styles for building visually stunning modern Windows apps in the Embarcadero DocWiki.

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