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Gorilla3d Is A Powerful, Easy, And Modern 3D framework For Delphi And C++ Builder

Gorilla3D is a powerful, easy to use, and modern 3D framework for Delphi and C++ Builder FireMonkey on Windows and Android. IOS and OSX support are listed as in progress. This is a commercial product and appears to be an Alpha release but source code is available. It’s nice to see some significant improvement in 3D solutions for FireMonkey with this solution. The main new features of Gorilla3D include:

  • Skin-, Skeleton- and Vertex animations for 3D Meshes (Key-Animations)
  • Integrated and fast Q3 Physics Engine (with collision detection)
  • Materials: textures, normal-mapping, vertex-color, phong-, blinn-, lambert-materials, water and reflection, layered materials, splatmaps, terrain-material, atlas-texturing
  • Loading complex multi-mesh models with UV-textures
  • Logical model management (independent from FireMonkey tree), to manage a large amount of meshes
  • Flexible particle-system with influencer-classes (up to 100K particle at runtime)
  • Shadow-Mapping and Variance-Shadow-Mapping (experimental)
  • Frustum Culling
  • Fog rendering
  • Cubemap-Textures and Texture3D support
  • Mesh-Multiplication with multiple sources for grass and trees
  • Order-Independent Rendering (WBOIT) for better transparency effects
  • Multipass-Rendering
  • Bokeh/Depth-Of-Field
  • Skybox-support
  • Terrain rendering: from height-maps and procedural algorithms (Diamond-Square, Perlin-Noise, …)
  • SphereTerrain variation of default terrain component
  • CVLOD Terrain for large terrain with chunks and auto-focus level of detail detection
  • New Point3D-, Quaternion-, Transformations matrix- and VertexKey-Animation
  • FMOD AudioManager for professional audio playback
  • AssetsManager with packaging system
  • Flexible DialogueSystem: load, save and edit at runtime
  • Flexible InventorySystem: load, save and edit at runtime
  • Flexible SkillSystem: load, save and edit at runtime
  • InputController for easy usage of hotkeys and input sequence detection
  • FirstPerson- and ThirdPerson character controllers
  • PhysicsCharacterController combines InputController, CharacterController (FirstPerson/ThirdPerson), AnimationController, AudioManagerController, TriggerPoints controlling and Q3 Physics to build a modern 3D game with physics collision.
  • GorillaScript for easy scripting implementation and using FMX and Gorilla3D at runtime
  • Fast 3D model loading
  • Compatible with existing FireMonkey components
  • Platform-independent: WIN32, WIN64, ANDROID, ANDROID64
  • Format: G3D, X3D, X3DZ, X3DVZ, OBJ, STL, DAE, FBX, glTF, Babylon, Sketchfab
  • C++ support by header and lib files

Tech demo preview:

Physics playground in the engine:

Particles and the mouse:

Head over and find out all about the Gorilla3D framework for Delphi and C++Builder on Windows and Android.

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