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7 Best Mobile App Makers in 2022 To Make Your Own Mobile App

The demand for app development is booming, and despite the recent turmoil in some sections of the tech economy, mobile app makers are still very much in demand. With the help of modern app builder software which support innovations such as drag-and-drop tools and low-code or no-code development strategies, almost anyone can create an app for their needs. Picking the right setup benefits small and…
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How Do C and C++ Work Internally And More?

C++ Builder is an amazing C++ IDE to develop C and C++ projects from beginner to professional level apps on Windows, iOS, Android or apps for IoT systems. We hope these topics may help and motivate you, your kids, your staff or your students to start new apps in C or C++…

How To Program A Robot in C and C++? 

Both the C and C++ languages are both popular choices for robotic applications, including IoT systems. We have some great topics this week again some of which on robots and IoT systems along with a few posts on more basic subjects suitable for absolute beginners.A robot is a machine that is mostly programmableand capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically. IoTs like…
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What are vcle.lib and rtle.lib?

Solving an interesting issue upgrading a project from Classic to Clang. A recent blog comment asked for help where a Clang project was linking to vcle.lib, but the library did not exist in the Clang linking path (lib/win32c/release): it’s present only for the classic compiler in lib/win32/release. (Note the C in win32c, meaning Clang.) Why? If you see this error, how do you resolve it and…
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New Premium VCL Styles (Fall 2022)

Need some VCL Styles to make your Windows applications look great? You are in luck, there are new Premium VCL Styles available in GetIt, and they are included free as part of yourupdate subscription benefits. Polar Dark Mine Shaft White Smoke Polar…

New FireMonkey Premium Styles

Did you see the new FireMonkey Premium Styles available in GetIt? There are six new multi-device styles, and they are included free as part of your update subscription benefits. Concrete Nero Alabaster Mine Shaft Polar Light Polar Dark These premium styles all support High DPI displays with 1x, 1.5x, & 2x pixel densities. They also include variations for Windows, MacOS…
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