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What Is The Windows Software Development Kit?

Have you ever thought about the number one leverage of coding? Interestingly, this most precious edge is primarily invisible. Our regular usage hides this edge from us. Here, we will first discuss the concept of code leverage. Then we will answer many questions like an SDK, its purpose, API vs. SDK, the Windows software development kit, etc. Moreover, we will see how modern tools like Delphi…
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Is C++ A Programming Language?

C++ is a great thing to develop amazing apps but is it a programming tool or a programming language? Using a powerful, fast and reliable C++ compiler, IDE andC++ GUI frameworkare very important for beginners and professionals but how do they help and what do they do? If a C++ IDE helps C++ developers in remembering which language features exist, how does it do that? If you are an…
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Do While Loop C++ Example Program For Beginners

Some of the most important parts of programming are loops that allow your algorithms to run iterations. C and C++ have many options to perform and control loops that count or carry out operations based on a given condition. In addition to thefor()loop, do-while…
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10 Best Free Cross Platform Productivity Apps In 2022

Productivity apps have made life much easier for a lot of us. From organizing daily tasks to achieving goals, these apps have become a centerfold of modern life, especially with work-from-home becoming more common. We have compiled some of the best free cross-platform productivity apps in 2022.  While apps make things simpler, they can be hard to use when they are limited to specific devices…
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Where To Start Windows App Development With A C++ IDE?

In this post we explain simply how you can start to build Windows applications from a beginner’s level using a fast and reliable C++ Compiler. Once you have installed the C++ IDE it will literally take you less than 3 minutes to create, compile and run your very first C++ Windows app. Let’s try it together now! Which tool do I need to develop a Windows C++ app? If you want to…
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