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Websockets WebRTC In Real-Time - Do You Know How To Do It?

Web is basically operational using HTTP requests and responses. In this mechanism, the client always initiates the connection. There is a timeout period after which the server discards the connection. Once discarded, the client must initiate a new connection. This is OK with normal web applications but for real time communication this is not enough. A system called HTTP long polling was developed…
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Building Good with C++Builder Contest

Contest Introducing the Building Good with C++Builder Contest! A contest to show your achievements with C++Builder that benefit people, communities, and the world. We know many people use C++Builder to create software that does good: helps a nonprofit, assists scientific research, provides a tool to help with a daily task, and more. We’re running a contest to see the best software you’re…
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LearnCPlusPlus :: Class Methods, Templates, Const Refs; Multi Dim Arrays, Pipes

Hello Again, Last week we started Object-Oriented Programming which is another milestone in the “Introduction to C++” posts of ourLearnCPlusPlus.orgwebsite, and we will dive into Classes & Objects in the next few weeks so keep following along. One of the most powerful features of C++ is Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), which makes it different from the C programming…
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Drive The Stack Overflow API In Your Windows and Mobile Apps

Stack Overflow is one of the most-used help desk in the internet that helping developers and technologists to write the scripts, examples or solutions. Their public platformserves 100 million people every month, making it one of the 50 most popular websites in the world. Their asynchronous knowledge management and collaboration offeringStack Overflow for Teams, is transforming how…
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