LearnCPlusPlus.org :: The Future of the C++ STD Library, OpenMP, Repeated Software Patterns, Costs Of Void(), Encapsulation

Hello fellow Dev-C++ and C++ Builder Developers and educators. It’s been another packed week of learning at LearnCPlusPlus.org and we’ve covered a lot of great subjects! Topics this time include: How we can use OpenMP Parallel Programming Library? What is Encapsulation? How to use Repeated Software Patterns? What is the Cost of the Void function? How we can set up C++ Builder?
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Building Good with C++Builder Contest

Contest Introducing the Building Good with C++Builder Contest! A contest to show your achievements with C++Builder that benefit people, communities, and the world. We know many people use C++Builder to create software that does good: helps a nonprofit, assists scientific…
C++CodeNewsRAD Studio

C++Builder Optimization Guide with TwineCompile

In this post we’re going to be covering tips and tricks on how you can optimize your C++Builder projects to compile as fast as possible. While we’ll definitely be spending some time looking at optimizations geared for use with TwineCompile, some of these tricks apply to C++Builder in general. C++Builder and TwineCompile include a lot of functionality that’s designed to optimize compile…
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Use FNC Pack To Easily Build Powerful Dashboard Apps For Windows, Mobile, And The Web

Technology Partner TMS Software provides a wide range of fantastic components for Delphi and C++ builder. Their components have a modern look and are well optimized. All of TMS’ components have a trial version so you can try out the various features and capabilities inside your own applications before you decide to go ahead with a purchase. Are you looking for cross-platform component…
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LearnCPlusPlus.org :: 3D Rotation Matrix, Move Semantics, Safety & Security; Arithmetic, Goto & Labels, Pointers, Function Overloading

Hello fellow C++ Developers! Last week we added a new “Introduction to C++” post series for beginners and posts for professionals on our LearnCPlusPlus.org website. We’re going to continue to release posts about Object-Oriented Programming in the coming weeks so they build a great learning C++ repository. This week we tackle the following questions Do you want to…
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