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Powerful BrainMM Memory Manager Designed For Modern Apps In Delphi/C++

BrainMM is an alternate memory manager for Delphi. There are a number of benchmarks between FastMM and BrainMM provided. This is an open source project over on Github. With time the project will grow to the level of standard Delphi/C++ Builder supply, along with other great libraries. Supports of all operating systems envisaged by Delphi and C++ Builder. BrainMM memory manager…
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Quickly Encrypt / Decrypt An SQLite Database With The FireDAC.SQLite Encryption Sample For Delphi

TheSQLite Encryptionsample is an encryption/decryption demo. Location You can find theSQLite Encryptionsample project at: Start | Programs | Embarcadero RAD Studio Sydney | Samples and then navigate to – Object Pascal\Database\FireDAC\Samples\DBMS Specific\SQLite\EncryptionSubversion Repository – you can find Delphi code samples inGitHub…
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Library For Authentication For iOS By WinSoft

Introduction Authentication for iOS is a biometric authentication library for iOS. It uses LocalAuthentication framework. 2. Components in the Demo and what they do The Demo is very simple. It contains one button that calls the authentications process. As well as TMemo that confirms whether the authentication is successful or not and one TPanel with a checkbox…
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C++17 On Windows 10 With The C++ Builder

As you know from C++ Builder 10.3, we have support for the modern C++ 17 version. Here you can see the C++ 17 supportchart. In this CodeRage session, Dion Mai shows demo applications in action. You can find out how you can use the new C++ 17 functions and an updated C++17 standard library. What you can find in this session? Template InductionNested…
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