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How To Become An Expert At The Best Low Code App Builder

how to become an expert at the best low code app builder

Together, in previous articles here on the Embarcadero blog, we have been learning about low code or no code platforms. We learned how RAD Studio helps increase productivity with its fast time-to-market ecosystem and low code mindset. Helping you get your apps created with you only needing to write the smallest amount of code possible is what RAD Studio Delphi and C+ Builder has always been about right from the first days of their release.

How To Become An Expert At The Best Low Code App Builder Image showing RAD Studio's ability to target all sorts of devices and situations.

If you are not aware of our previous low code articles, check them out! With those, you can learn:

  • What is low code movement
  • Differences in low code tools
  • The position of low code tools in the market
  • Universal platform for building apps with low code
  • Other unique features of RAD Studio development environment
  • And 20 fun facts about low code platforms

So, I consider you have already read the previous articles and know about the basics of low code movement. This article will show you the steps or must-do’s you should follow to become an expert at the best low code app developer.

Are you a Professional or Amateur Developer?

Anyone can use low code tools to build applications based on their idea, and these people are called citizen developers. Professional developers mostly create more reliable, stable and scalable platforms with their engineering knowledge.

How To Become An Expert At The Best Low Code App Builder The RAD Studio components

The exciting part is that, according to a Gartner survey, 66% of low code development platform users are professional developers from the IT department of the enterprise. For instance, developers who build apps with RAD Studio can prototype and design everything with 5x or 10x fast productivity and can extend the application with custom code where you can create a more functional app.

I am here telling you that consider what you will do and who you want to become with these tools! For instance, if you love engineering and solving problems by writing/integrating/glueing up things, you should become a RAD Studio Developer. RAD Studio is the ecosystem for developers who love productivity and appreciate its time. RAD Studio’s GUI development environment is one of the greatest among any other development tools. Because of its hundreds of built-in visual and non-visual components, you can develop a working prototype in seconds and work on custom functionalities. Moreover, the data connectivity solutions are the best in class.

How to become an expert at the best low code app builder?

In order to become an expert in any area, you must be genuinely interested in the subject. To become a RAD Studio Developer, you should learn Delphi or C++ programming languages.

Being an expert with RAD Studio is not about learning the whole Delphi or C++ language; it is more about correctly using the things you have. For instance, a tutorial shows how to become an experienced Delphi developer. 

After completing these steps, it is better to see how the real-world RAD Studio developers are doing to solve problems. For example, several times a month, there will be workshop events where you can learn how to do things and ask questions from professional developers. Additionally, discover new open-source projects that can improve your development process.

How to understand Low Code tools?

Last semester while taking the System Analysis class, I learned so much about project planning and analysing the system requirements. In the first class, it felt like another useless and boring class, but in the end, I had a chance to work on a vehicle renting system where I analysed the system requirements. I am telling you that you should know how to measure the project requirements and identify what kind of development tool you need.

Low Code tools are mostly building blocks and use ready-to-use components and integrate things. Often this creates an environment where you cannot get out of the box; moreover, if there is a need for a custom data source integration, that could be an issue for you.

So, before choosing the right low code app builder, you should consider these criteria. But with RAD Studio, you can enjoy low code development and 100 per cent customization and get as imaginative as you want with your elegant code! 

You need to determine your target for your app

One of the initial steps of the low code development is understanding the problem you want to solve and the data you will use. For example, if you and your team will be the users, it is a good starting point to solve a challenge to your low code development skills. 

You can see the basic steps to create a working app out of low code building blocks. Moreover, predict what would happen if the user base is vast or needs other functionalities from the low code environment.

Nevertheless, if you are developing an app for an audience outside your community, take some time to question yourself queries like:

  • What is the use of this app?
  • What devices you should target
  • What industry you are developing
  • Do you need customization out of the low code tools you have chosen?

By doing this, you can figure out what low code app builder can offer you the things you want. But if you go with the RAD Studio option, you won’t have any problems because it provides low code app development with a traditional software development ecosystem.

Is your app security focused? What is the importance of data privacy?

How To Become An Expert At The Best Low Code App Builder An image of RAD Studio

Depending on the low code or no-code tools, companies may be able to restrict certain types of data or how it is used. The security of your data should be an essential focus, like do you have sufficient control in place to ensure data security.

It is essential to adopt the security-first and data-first mentality over your product if you are building your application with low code development tools. 

You can not see the application’s source code with low code development tools. You won’t know if the written/generated code uses best practices to avoid problems. But with RAD Studio, you can control every pixel of your application.

As you can see, by becoming an expert at the RAD Studio, you can enjoy the low code development environment with traditional software engineering. Moreover, the syntax of the Delphi programming language is simple and easy to learn, and you can master all the necessary skills within a week or so. For instance, you can follow these five days of free training where the experts show you how to create compelling applications.

At this point, I would like to welcome you to our Delphi & C++ Builder community, where we create compelling and marvelous applications using one of the best and most productive tools – RAD Studio!

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