NexusDB Is A Powerful Client Server Embedded Database Engine For Delphi With A Unique Feature Set

NexusDB is one of the loved database systems by Delphi developers around the world. It offers the Embedded free version which is a single-user database that compiles without any additional libraries. Delphi itself ships with the powerful FireDAC data access components library which features support for IBLite, SQLite, and over 20 other databases. According to the developer’s site…
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DelphiRAD Studio

Powerful Enterprise-Grade Barcode Scanning Library Available For Delphi

One of the best and popular barcode scanning library for Delphi isZXing.Delphilibrary. ZXing Barcode Scanning Object Pascal library for Delphi VCL and Delphi Firemonkey. ZXing.Delphiis a native Object Pascal library that is based on the well known open source Barcode Library: ZXing (Zebra Crossing). This port is based on the .Net Redth port of ZXing and the Java one. It is…
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Powerful IDE Colorizer Lets You Customize The RAD Studio Workspace With This Plugin

RAD Studio has two modes, dark and light. Since most of the developers love different kinds of dark modes, they might need several options to choose. But, currently, RAD Studio only offers two dark and light modes. There is a plugin called Delphi IDE Colorizer that helps to change the whole RAD Studio theme to different looks. In a simple word, you can alter the entire RAD Studio feel…
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Apply The Pretty Good Privacy Standard For Encrypting And Decrypting Messages

Open encryption standards are best for security and privacy most of the time. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) standard specifies encryption formats to facilitate private messaging capabilities for email and other message encryption. IPWorks OpenPGP is a complete set of components for email encryption and document protection. IPWorks OpenPGP implements the OpenPGP standard for encryption and…
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