Why You Should Focus on Improving Windows 10 Apps Development

It seemed like many people thought Windows 7 was great and Microsoft should stop there. However, Microsoft recognized that what people thought of as their primary computing device was changing. Apple’s iPad and the inexorable rise of the mobile phone meant people were starting to interact with the internet and the new streaming services in ways which threatened Microsoft’s…
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5 Tools Every Windows Developer Should Be Using Right Now

If you are serious about developing an app with the use of Windows App Development Tools, you should really know these five superb tools which can help you get the absolute best out of your great ideas when doing development, read on to learn more about how Delphi can empower your skills and coding experience! How can Delphi 11 Alexandria make Windows app development faster and…
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6 Books About Delphi You Should Read

Reading is an essential skill for Windows application development. Development is a nebulous and constantly expanding subject and I’ve noticed that the most successful coders, project managers and designers are often readers with a voracious appetite for consuming…

5 Ways To Make Use Of AI In Your Windows And Mobile Apps

AI is one of the most significant trends in the app development industry. We can witness that artificial intelligence is coursing into every regular activity of ours whether it is medicine, finance, production, cyber security through mobile and desktop applications. In this article, you will learn how to transform your Windows development as well as that of other desktops such macOS or Linux…
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You Need To Know The Compelling Reasons For Native Apps

Native app development has substantial benefits over framework-based “one size fits all” comprises whether it’s for native windows development or mobile devices. It is simpler, less convoluted and circuitous to create, easier to run, and the user interface is typically smoother with noticeable responsiveness. Often, developers feel there is a barrier holding them back from…
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