5 Ways To Enhance The Security Of Windows Apps

Every organization wants to get ahead of security, and security is essential for everyone. Having a secure system always helps you to avoid future problems with your customers. These current advanced and different technologies that you use give lots of risks to build secure systems. But there are always best practices to prevent dozens of vulnerabilities in your app. Developing a…
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Everything You Need To Build A WSL GUI Tool Today

The Windows Subsystem for Linux allows developers to run a GNU/Linux environment including command-line tools, most of the utilities, and applications directly on their Windows computers. It has become extremely popular and an IDE Software like RAD Studio Delphi is able to…
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The Story Of Turbocharged Windows Development Starts With Delphi

Delphi is technically a development environment powered by and for the Object Pascal programming language, along with a suite of Windows App Development Tools to enable high productivity and rapid application development. The ideas of the first version of Delphi originally began to emerge from Borland’s Turbo Pascal. However, it was decided that the object-oriented extensions that had…
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How To Make A Native Cross-Platform App In 30 Seconds

In the last few years, companies are increasingly seeking the most cost-effective ways to optimize the way they make powerful applications. Cost-effective demands high productivity and a fast app development environment. Furthermore, using Windows App Development Tools to…
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This Is How To Easily Process CSV Data Using FireDAC

CSV is an abbreviation for a Comma-Separated Value file that enables data to be saved in a loosely-structured text form. Because of its simple format, it is very easy to process the data inside the file and extremely portable too. The great thing about the CSV files is that they are compatible with almost any text editor as well as a large number of popular applications such as Microsoft Excel…
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How To Achieve Productive Server Side Development

RAD Server is a powerful application and easy to implement infrastructure for rapidly building and deploying services-based applications. RAD Server offers developers the ability to quickly create modern services-based architectures using Delphi and C++ IDEs. RAD Server…

Why You Should Definitely Write Less Code This Year

It is essential to recognize when not to write code. We developers comprehend, when the code increases in a project, things lead to getting more dangerous. If you crave to restrict your code from becoming more acute, to atrophy, it requires to be maintained most of the time. I enjoy coding. When I write code, I feel as if I’m writing a novel. However, most software development is a…
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