Debugging In Another Level - DebugEngine

Most of the time developers spend debugging their code, tracing the errors, checking the variables’ value changes over time. When it comes to Delphi, we have several professional debugging tools that help to access the Delphi debug information and finding the problems easily. One of the finest Delphi debugging frameworks is the DebugEngine. What is…
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RAD Studio

Quickly Control Light Bulbs Using FireMonkey

ThingConnect IoT device component pack is one of the best areas of RAD Studio. It offers you to connect to dozens of IoT devices with easy-to-use interfaces. For instance, you can connect to the Aeon Labs Light Bulb using Delphi or C++ Builder. As you can see these…

ORM For Delphi

Object Relational Mapping is the idea of being able to write queries using the object-oriented paradigm in your preferred programming language. So this means we are trying to utilize our language to talk with the database instead of using SQL. Why utilize ORM? It…

Easily Create Visually-Stunning Instrumentation Multimedia Applications

If you would like to create professional-looking instrumentation and multimedia applications with VCL and FireMonkey you should read this post! What is TMS Instrumentation? TMS Instrumentation is a library full of components, methods, and routines enabling you to create professional-looking instrumentation and a multimedia application. This component set contains more than 80…
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Rapidly Create Cloud Aware Native Applications

You get built-in components to work with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. For instance, Data.Cloud.AmazonAPI contains classes that implement the API for using the Amazon services (such as queue, table). And the TAmazonStorageService class allows you to connect to…

Enterprise-Grade Advanced File & Streaming Compression Library

If you need advanced file and streaming compression for your application, the IPWorks Zip library is a good choice. This library is easy to integrate, fast, and effective components that enable developers to rapidly add advanced compression and decompression features to your application. What is IPWorks ZIP? IPWorks ZIP allows developers to easily integrate compression and decompression into…
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C++RAD Studio

Quick And Responsive Test Suite For Analyzing C++ Hash Functions

There is no such thing as a good hash function for universal hashes. Depending on the context different criteria determine the quality of a hash. To test your hash function using data drawn from the same distribution that you expect it works on. When looking at a hash function on 64-bit longs, the default hash function is excellent if the input values are drawn uniformly from all possible long…
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