This Is The Blockchain: Expectations vs. Reality

We have discussed Blockchain technology in our “Everything You Need To Know About Blockchain” article. In that article we have learned about: ImmutabilityDistributionHow trust issues can be resolved with BlockchainBlockchain in the financial industryHigh integrity with Blockchain – and more You might find it useful to read that article first as a useful overview of what…
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5 Ways To Modernize Your Data Access Pipeline

Building database applications with Windows IDE: RAD Studio (Delphi & C++ Builder) gives the best experience for developers. For instance, if you want to connect to a database, just drop a database connection component into the project and select the source of the data.
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This Is How To Outsmart Your Peers On Automation

What is Industrial Automation? Industrial automation is the technology by which a process or procedure is performed with minimal human assistance. For instance: Machinery, processes in factories, boilers, and heat-treating ovensSteering and stabilization of shipsAircraft and other applications and vehicles with reduced human intervention All sorts of machinery are examples of…
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Everything You Need To Know About Docker And More

The trouble with many lines of business applications is that they often have a habit of wanting solitary ownership of the computer on which they are running. On your personal PC, this is relatively harmless; you’re usually single-tasking, focusing on that application…
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5 Of The Top Reasons Why You Should Use APIs

An Application Programmable Interface or API allows two applications to interact with each other using the API as a bridge or intermediary. If you are not familiar with how to integrate an API then you may be spending a lot of time unnecessarily writing a lot of code from scratch. In other words, you may be working too hard! So what’s the catch? An IDE Software may help you to lessen the…
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How To Migrate Legacy C++ Apps To Unicode

This brief article focuses on helping you migrate your legacy C++ IDE applications to Unicode. Based on information from the Embarcadero consultants here you will find tips, tricks, and techniques to migrate legacy C++ Builder apps to a newer version. We will look at…
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How To Build a Digit Classifier In Tensorflow

MNIST – Modified National Institute of Standards and Technology is the crucible of a comprehensive computer vision database. Since its release in 1999, MNIST’s classic dataset of handwritten pictures has been accepted as the foundation for benchmarking classification algorithms. Image source: Most of the time, learners start by classifying digits given by MNIST.
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